BioTech safe to any environment,

comprehensive solution

for all hygiene needs

For your family , workplace
kids & pets

Biotech Air Fresh

Made with hundreds of herbal extracts and natural plants essential. Such as Pinus, Citrus peel oil, Artemisia leaf, Camellia sinensis leaf extract, lemon etc. Not contains of chemical substances. Harmless to both Humans & the animals. Not effected to the ecological environment with natural coordination of advanced natural deodorant.Providing Fresh, Relax and anti-germs from the forest.


BioTech herbal deodorant, not contains artificial fragrance or chemicals. Efficiency to decomposition the bad smell molecular from the fundamental instead of cover smells. Features a powerful deodorizing system. Volatilization from BioTech herbal deodorant to against, break down and eliminate the odor particles. Effective for all odor with significant effect.

Anti-bacterial deodorant
  • Made with more than hundreds of natural herbal extracts.

  • Being in nature, physical and mental relaxation.

  • The foul air turns into the most refreshing and fresh.

  • Reduce the breeding of germs and propagation

      Such as: Escherichia coli (0-157), Staph aureus,

      Fungicidal and Yeasticidal or any harmful viruses.

  • Reduce the harm of health from the active oxygen of the air. To prevent he trigger of rhinitis and allergy.

Effective to the daily Odor

•Cigarette smell

•Body Odour

•Pet smelly

•Toliet or urea smell



•Garlic smell

•Perishable food smell






•Curtains and carpets


Spray directly to the odor source

  • Put BioTech Air Fresh into the Humidifier Continuous or intermittent fog the entire space, can help to relaxing, sterilization deodorant particle herbal form negative ions in the air, purify the air and inhibit bacteria growth.
  • Use dry towel or sponge stain with BioTech Air Fresh, Rub onto the substances such as Table, computer screen or door knock. 
  • Public area or Place which frequently touch *Swab with a clean dry cloth or let them air dry without water.