BioTech all purpose cleaner

BioTech safe to any environment,

comprehensive solution

for all hygiene needs

For your family , workplace
kids & pets

BioTech all purpose cleaner

Oil & Grease

Achieved the certificate authentication, without harmful substances



Strongly dispersion to the dirt and oil

Skin friendly

No stain will remain

Biodegradable and environment pollution free

Simple dilute with tap water

No foaming agent, water and manpower save

No Harmful

Non corrosive

All puroose cleaner
  • Effective to dispersion of grease and oil.

  • Eliminate to all odors.Natural pollution-free ingredients.

  • Non-corrosive,safe to any materials.

  • No Chemical foaming agents,reduce water and manpower. 

  • Prevents grease or residues to obstruction to the Sewer and filter.

  • Easy to clean,greatly reduce the manpower to clean up. 

  • Economic!money save with simply diulute.

  • Multi-function of use,comprehensive to decomposition to all oils,dirts and grease. Such as range hoods stoves,baking,dishes and floors.

Easy 3 steps

1.Fill with tap water into the bottle 

   (do not over the max indicated) .

2.Fill BioTech cleaner into the bottle.

3.Screwed tightly, shake before use.

BioTech now it works?


It’s negative charges keep continued repeal each other to decomposes the stains.

BioTech surfactant anion act as a link between hydrophobic and the stains. 

Continues interacting molecules, the stains and fats completely decomposes to the stains.


For Home :

Kitchen cabinets, Stove, tableware,

Window,  Dinning Table & chairs , Flooring ,

Hoods, ventilation fans Or any substances

which direct contact to food or oils.


For Pets :

Bowls or utensils cleaning


After use