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B9 Disinfectant & Sanitiser

B7 Natural plants Odor control

B6  Anti Bacteria Cleaner

All Purpose cleaner


All purose cleaner, powerful removal and decomposition of grease and dirt, eliminating all kinds of odors. Its natural, non-polluting ingredients purify water and soil. Any material surface can be used, it is non-corrosive, it can be biodegraded, and the water quality can be controlled. Made from natural raw materials, it is harmless to humans, the environment and the marine ecology. The products definitely give you safety and confidence!

All pourpose cleaner


The negative ions of the surfactant act as a link between the hydrophobic and the soil to clean the surface of the stain.

The negative charge of the negative ions constantly produces mutual repulsion, decomposing and emulsifying the stain.

Continuous molecular interactions that completely decompose the dirt to achieve stain cleanliness.

BioTech® Technology  

Ingredients: Betaine and plant extracts

What's BioTech®
can work?

Can use?


Chlorine free
Nitrogen-free triacetic acid (NTA)
Free of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)
Alkylphenol-free polyoxyethylene ether (APEO)
Phosphate free

We promise
We are green!

It can be biodegraded and can be controlled by natural materials. No harm to human, environmental and marine ecology. The product definitely gives you safety and confidence!

 BioTech®  advantage

1. Decompose oil and dirt in a powerful way.

2. Natural and non-polluting ingredients.

3. Can eliminate all kinds of odors.

4. Any material surface can be used without corrosive.

5. No chemical foaming agent to save water and manpower.

6. Prevents fouling of sewers and filters due to grease or residue obstruction.

7. Easy to clean, greatly reducing the amount of clean human capital.

8. Economical savings (depending on the application, it can be diluted to 6-300 litres of cleaning solution per 1 liter).

9. Versatile and comprehensive solution to grease problems such as range hoods, stoves, baking pans, dishes and floors.