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Oil and Fat Dispersion
What is BioTech     ?

BioTech      is a cleansing agent which is strongly dispersion to any oil or fats. it's Surfactant anion act as a link between hydrophilic to water and hydrophobic to the staining surfaces ,continued action to lowered the dirt surface tension, make stains structure completely decomposed and completely clean results, remove the adhesion of dirt and grease on the surface of the object get clean. Ensure it’s completely biodegradation. Which is bioactive and water soluble with environment and good water quality control, made from all natural ingredients. Eco friendly, nor harmful neither to the humans, environment and Marine Ecology. product with confidence and safe!



Oil and Fat Dispersion

Made with Betaine and plant extracts.

Why BioTech    work?


Keep continued molecular interaction to enhances dispersion of the stains and cleaning the surface.

The negative charges surfactant anions repel each other , stains is loosen and emulsified.

BioTech     surfactant anion act as a link between hydrophobic and the staining agents. To clean the stains surface.


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Chlorine - free
NTA - free
EDTA - free
APEO - free
Phosphate - free
Phosphonate - free
Can be used for?
How does it work?

 Why BioTech    ?


1. Effective to dispersion of grease and oil.

2. Natural pollution-free ingredients.

3. Eliminate to all odors.

4. Non-corrosive, safe to any materials.

5. No Chemical foaming agents, reduce water and manpower .

6. Prevents grease or residues to obstruction to the Sewer and filter .

7. Easy to clean, greatly reduce the manpower to clean up.

8. Economic ! money save (depend on use, 1L of BioTech can be diluted to 6-300L of cleaner).

9. Muilt-function and comprehensive to dispersion to all oils , such as range hoods stoves,baking, dishes and floors.

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BioTech    is biodegradable, made from natural raw materials. No harm to the the human, environment and marine ecology, also can be water quality control. Products are absolutely safe and give you confidence!