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What is Biotech    ?


Made with natural ingredients

EDTA - Free

EDTA highly irritating to the skin, can cause negative effects of asthma, skin rash, etc., is likely to cause an allergic substance, can cause calcium deficiency after being ingested, lower blood pressure, and other harmful effects of kidney disorders, chromosomal abnormalities and mutations.



(alkyl phenol exthoxylate) - Free

APEO estrogen has a similar effect, can harm the body's

normal hormonal chemicals, or "distortion" or "female effect."


Phosphonate - Free

low biodegradability and major cause of europhication.


Chlorine - Free

Irritation to eye and respiratory tract , can cause tearing, cough, a small amount of sputum, chest tightness, bronchitis and other respiratory symptoms, serious cause shock and death. Pollution of the environment and water have serious harm.


NTA - Free 

Possible human carcinogen, and cause heavy metals in sediment (which is toxic to organisms) in aquatic system to redissolve low biodegradability and major cause of eutrophication.


Biodegradable is the chemical dissolution of materials by bacteria, fungi, or other biological.