BioTech safe to any environment,

comprehensive solution

for all hygiene needs

For your family , workplace
kids & pets


Most of the detergent and dinsinfectant in the market are made with chemical surfactants.
There may be irritating to skin or containing hazardous substances. Dirts or greases only isolation and continued remain in the sea or river, takes long time to be degraded by microbes or no longer to degraded.
However,there are some biological cycle have an impact on aquatic life and water quality.
Seriously destructive to the environment and ecology.

BioTech is a detergent which made with natural ingredients.Completely to decomposes to the oil & fat.Up to 97% Biodegradable within 8 days  Balance will be gone within 3 weeks.Our products are pollution-free & eco-friendly! We are providing to your family,kids and pets with confidence and healthy hygiene solutions.

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