BioTech Multimedia Nano coating 多媒體納米保護膜


Not only waterproof, 9H hardness, especially suitable for digital multimedia devices.

BioTech Nano (Textile and leather) 納米保護膜(紡織品及皮革)

簡單易用,易於清理! 家居防水防污好幫手!
Easy to use and easy to clean up! A good helper for home waterproof and antifouling!

BioTech Nano (Textile and leather) 納米保護膜(紡織品及皮革)

Spray with BioTech Nano , the clothes will be waterproof and stain resistant!

BioTech Multimedia Nano coating 多媒體納米保護膜

BioTech 納米保護膜 (適用於多媒體) - 手機屏幕,液晶顯示器,數碼相機等) - 防污,防濕,防刮花, 防霧,環保,抗菌
BioTech Nano (for multimedia)-mobile phone screen, LCD monitor, digital camera, etc.)-Anti-fouling, anti-moisture, anti-scratch, anti-fog, environmental protection, antibacterial

BioTech All Purpose Cleaner 多功能清潔劑

BioTech All Purpose Cleaner 多功能清潔劑 (強效分解油脂,污漬! 天然,環保,安全)
BioTech All Purpose Cleaner Multifunctional cleaner (strongly breaks down grease, stains! Natural, environmentally friendly, safe)

BioTech Hand Protection 手部殺菌搓手液

BioTech 手部殺菌搓手液 ,8小時保護雙手,殺菌保護!
BioTech Hand Protection ,Protect your hands for 8 hours, sterilization protection!

Cooking stove clean 扒爐清潔

BioTech 油脂分解液(比例1:10)來清潔。
We use BioTech oil and fat dispersion to clean cooking stove. (ratio 1:10)

Dishwasher 洗碗機應用

BioTech 油脂分解液應用在洗碗機內,進行初洗及清洗程序。
n dishwasher practical examples, we using BioTech oid and dispersion (ratio 1:60) to oil decomposition and dishwasher cleaning process.
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BioTech ®All purpose cleaner, Effectively removes and decomposes grease and dirt, which can eliminate various odors. Its natural non-polluting ingredients can purify water and soil.


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