Engine oil

BioTech oid and fat dispersion can quicky to emulsification engine oil.


Dishwasher 洗碗機應用

BioTech 油脂分解液應用在洗碗機內,進行初洗及清洗程序。
n dishwasher practical examples, we using BioTech oid and dispersion (ratio 1:60) to oil decomposition and dishwasher cleaning process.

Cooking stove clean 扒爐清潔

BioTech 油脂分解液(比例1:10)來清潔。
We use BioTech oil and fat dispersion to clean cooking stove. (ratio 1:10)

Cooker hood filter (Restaurant)

Destroys and removes oil in restaurant cooker hood filter. We uesing BioTech oil and fat dispersion (Undiluted) to clean tenacious greasy.


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BioTech is effective in accelerating the process of the dispersion of oil and fat.

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