BioTech safe to any environment,

comprehensive solution

for all hygiene needs

For your family , workplace
kids & pets


Made in Germany

Nano Protect

BioTech Nano Home Textie Protection features:


  • Breathable, colorless, odorless
  • Anti-acid rain
  • Excellent for Anti-Dirt, water, liquids or oils
  • Resistance to UV and Anti-Alkaline
  • Reduce manpower for cleaning
  • Extend the life cycle of the materials
  • Can be applied on materials without compromising the original structure, color or hand feel
  • Formed as an invisible protective film on substances for Anti-dirt and Bacteria


  1. Spray evenly on textile or leather.
  2. Please avoid with water at least in 1 hour.
      Coating became fully cured and undertake the protective film after 12 hours.


  • Tent 
  • Toys
  • Indoor Furniture
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Cushions
  • Textile or leather suitcase
  • Bed
  • Pets Toys

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