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BioTech 電子屏幕多媒體納米保護膜


[step 1 ]
Use a clean soft cloth or sponge to clean the desired range, (completely remove surface stains and grease)
[Step 2]
Apply the BioTech Nano evenly to the desired range and wipe with a clean soft cotton or sponge for at least one minute to ensure that the BioTech Nano is fully covered.
[Step 3]
Please put the finished objects in a clean and dry place and dry them effectively. Avoid contact with water within 2 hours.
BioTech 電子屏幕,手機,多媒體納米保護膜
BioTech 電子屏幕,手機,多媒體納米保護膜
(Step 1) Gently clean the device with the pre-treated cloth in sachet 1
(Step 2) Apply BioTech Nano for multimedia to the entire device in satchet 2.
(Step 3) Allow the device to dry for 5 mins. Device will show signs of smearing when it drying.
*Please refer to the product guide for details

BioTech Nano (Mutimedia Protection) Feature

  • Effectively resist stains
  • Resistance to water, oil or liquid colorant
  • Anti-UV, acid and alkali
  • Reduce cleaning and reduces the need  of  cleaning materials .
  • inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduce the formation of dirt and stains.
  • Non-toxic or hazardous substances
  • Keep clean for long time
  • Invisible, colorless Nano protection
  • Extend the life cycle
  • Any material can be used on the surface, without compromising the original material structure or color
  • Easy to clean

Only 3 simple steps, your multimedia device can reach 9H hardness nano-protection! Waterproof, anti-fouling, antibacterial

Made in Germany

Pass the EU PFCs standard, non-toxic, safe for use

9H Hardness

BioTech 電子屏幕,手機,多媒體納米保護膜

Made in Germany

Pass the EU PFCs standard, non-toxic, safe for use

9H Hardness

30 ml

BioTech Nano

Multimedia Protection



1. Smartphone
2. TV & Monitors
3. LCD
4. Camera
5. Glasses and sunglasses
BioTech 電子屏幕多媒體納米保護膜
BioTech 電子屏幕多媒體納米保護膜
BioTech 電子屏幕多媒體納米保護膜
BioTech 電子屏幕多媒體納米保護膜