Q & A

Q1. How to control the costs as per our cost analysis?

A1. We will provide the disperser with free of charge under our contract terms and conditions . dilute automatically instead of by manual. Cost control within budgets.


Q2. Why we choose BioTech instead of the other detergents?

A2. We listed all ingredients clearly with certain certificates. Made with the natural plants. No chemicals to be added. Oil and dirt removed by decomposition. The guarantee of safety and health! Most of the detergents from the market, made with chemical surfactants chemicals containing hazardous substances ! We never knows all details of the ingredients. May Causes the irritating or what and how influences to the environment or Humans. Dirts or greases only isolation and continue remain in the sea or river.

Q3. Why we choose a detergent which Biodegradable? How important?

A3. Kind of chemicals takes long time to be degraded by microbes or no longer to degraded. However, there are some biological cycle have an impact on aquatic life and water quality. Seriously destructive to the environment and ecology. BioTech Oil and Fat Dispersion with 97% Biodegradable at the 8th days, balance will be gone within 3 weeks. Pollution-free , eco-friendly and food safety!

Q4. Why BioTech Oil and Fat dispersion produced by concentrate formula instead of ready to use?

A4. Concentrate formula is the most fresh and economic, 1 liter of concentrate can be diluted up to 6-300 liters of cleaner. Dilute the cleaner by use. Avoid the extra warehouse and storage costs.

Q5. Why as recommended to use the diluted cleaner within 2 weeks - 1 month?

A5. No preservatives, no colorings and no artificial smells are the most important to provide a natural and Safe cleaning lifestyle for the humans. Use within the period, keep everything fresh with its excellent performances of function. And this is our responsibility to protect the world.


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